What is Reiki?

Reiki is a "hands-off" treatment using a technique called palm healing.  It aims to channel the universal energy or "qi" to help send healing energy to areas of the body or Chakra centres to help them re-balance.  It was developed in Japan in 1922 by Mikao Usui.

What Reiki Isn’t

Reiki is NOT used to diagnose. 

It doesn’t replace conventional medicine and it does not cure. 

If you have an existing ailment and are at all unsure about treatment please consult your GP.

What to Expect

The Reiki treatment is usually given lying on a massage bed.

The Client is fully clothed with only their shoes removed. a blanket is sometimes placed over the client to keep them warm.

The Treatment

The treatment starts with a "calling in" of healing energy into the Therapist after which their hands are rested on the shoulders of the client.  The hands are then placed either in contact with the client or "hovered" just above each of the chakra points on the body.  The hands will remain on each chakra until it is felt that that point has been rebalanced.  The client will be asked to turn over and the same is done on the back.  The client will then be asked to roll on to their back and a second technique called Byosen Reikan Ho (Scanning) is used to detect any potential disharmony to the flow of energy around the body.

At the end of the treatment the client will hear chimes to indicate the treatment is over. 

During treatment a client may feel sensations of hot or coldness in specific areas of the body, they may experience seeing colours or feeling a little "spaced out".  All these reactions are normal and seen as a sign that things are working!


Reiki Treatment