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Indian Head Massage

What is Indian Head Massage?

Indian Head Massage is a ancient holistic therapy used to help the upper body to relax, to promote good circulation in the scalp and to relax muscles in the neck and shoulders.  Anecdotally, it has also been used to help lymphatic drainage, ease headache and migraine, boost energy, improve sleep

and stimulate hair growth.

What Indian Head Massage Isn't

It doesn’t replace conventional medicine and it does not cure.  Indian Head Massage helps to facilitate healing and support the body’s natural balance. 

If you have an existing ailment and are at all unsure about treatment please consult your GP.

What To Expect

Before your treatment begins you will be asked a few questions about your health history, any illnesses you may currently have and any symptoms you experience.  The Therapist will then discuss your requirements from the session and what areas to focus on.  The treatment is carried out lying down on the massage bed and it is usually easiest to carrying out the treatment with the client either topless or in their bra or a vest.  Please note that oil is used in the treatment.

The Treatment

Treatment is usually given lying down.  The therapist will, at different points during the treatment, use static pressure, stretches to ease muscle tension and various massage movements to relax the upper body.

On the scalp techniques such as gentle hair pulling, massage, tapping and friction are used to relax the muscles and encourage blood flow.  The hair may be slightly ruffled by the end of this part of the treatment!

Reflexology points in the hands are worked to encourage relaxation and pressure points in the forearms are worked to relieve common tensions in hands and wrists (usually associated with computer work).

On the face, the points around the forehead and cheeks relating to the sinuses are worked.  Also the muscles in and around the jaw are worked to help ease stress related tension.  The treatment ends with shoulder holding to ground the client.


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