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What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a non-intrusive treatment. 

Gentle pressure is applied to the reflexes of the feet and hands.  These reflexes correspond to different parts of the body.  By applying pressure it stimulates blood flow and nervous reaction in the feet, encouraging better circulation, opening neural pathways and boosting the immune system. 

All of which support the body’s own healing processes.

What Reflexology Isn’t

Reflexology is NOT used to diagnose. 

It doesn’t replace conventional medicine and it does not cure.  Reflexology helps to facilitate healing and support the body’s natural balance. 

If you have an existing ailment and are at all unsure about treatment please consult your GP.

What To Expect

Before your treatment begins you will be asked a few questions about your health history, any illnesses you may currently have and any symptoms you experience. The reflexologist will then discuss your requirements from the session and what areas to focus on.

The treatment requires just the removal of your shoes and socks (you may be asked to roll up trouser legs slightly to avoid any oil getting on to clothing).

Treatment is usually given in a reclined position on a special treatment chair,
although, if this presents a difficulty, then please discuss with the reflexologist.

A blanket is provided to cover yourself, as it is common to feel a little chilly after lying still for a while.

The Treatment

Each foot is treated in turn and the foot which is not being worked on will be
covered with a towel to keep warm.  A medium will usually be applied to the feet to aid the Reflexologist in working on the feet.  This may be an oil, wax, or powder, depending on the requirements of the treatment.

The Reflexologist will use a combination of different pressure techniques on the top, sides and soles of the feet.  You may experience a feeling of tightness, popping sensations or a gritty feeling as the foot is being worked on.  This is quite normal.

If you experience discomfort during the treatment, please tell the reflexologist.

Many clients find the treatment very relaxing and  drift off to sleep.  This is absolutely fine & certainly nothing to feel embarrassed about...

A sleeping client is a relaxed client!


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